Terms and Conditions

Please take a minute to read this information on how to buy and sell at all Ken Porter Auctions. If you need further information please contact one of our sales representatives or any of the auction management staff or call Ken Porter Auctions at (310) 353-7140.

Ken Porter Auctions proposes to act as auctioneer for the completion of a transaction between buyer and seller. KPA does not assume responsibility for omissions or the failure to make any announcements on the auction block. Remember that you are buying in a “wholesale” market and should not expect any retail guarantee of any kind.

How to Buy
1. Visit the office to sign up for a buyer’s card. Vehicles cannot be purchased without a buyer’s card. A $500 refundable deposit is required to receive a buyer’s card and the right to bid on vehicles at a Ken Porter Auction. If you are the winning bidder on a vehicle or item, your $500 deposit will be applied towards the purchase. Buyers must be at least 18 years old.
2. Buyer hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Auctioneer, J.J. Kane Enterprises, Inc. (doing business as Ken Porter Auctions) and its officers, directors and affiliated entities (collectively, the "Indemnified Parties"), from any loss, liability, damage cost or expense, arising in any manner from or related to the vehicle or equipment (or use thereof) purchased by Buyer which arises following the sale at the auction.
3. Know what you are bidding on. Please examine vehicles carefully before bidding. Vehicles may be inspected 9 AM to 5 PM Thursday and Friday prior to the sale, and from 7 AM to 9:30 AM Saturday morning of the sale.
     a. Auction run number
5. Listen carefully to all announcements made by the auctioneer. Familiarize yourself with all sections of these Terms & Conditions. When bidding, be sure to raise your hand in a manner that allows the auctioneer to see your bid.
6. Know what you are bidding on before you bid. For example do not bid on a vehicle with a manual transmission if you can only drive an automatic, or a vehicle with 100,000 miles on it when you want to buy a vehicle with 50,000 miles on it. Be sure the vehicle being offered for sale is the same vehicle you want to bid on. Remember once you win the bid on a vehicle you own it.
7. Subject to the seller’s approval or “on a phone call”, means the last bidder is legally obligated to purchase the vehicle.
8. Vehicles are not guaranteed to pass state smog inspection where applicable.
9. Vehicles purchased “on approval”, will not be released to the buyers unless and until the seller notifies KPA of the acceptance of the highest bid. In some instances it may take up to two business days after the sale to receive this notification from the seller.
10. If you are the successful bidder please complete the following steps:
Proceed to the buyer’s window in the KPA office to pay your 25% deposit and sign all necessary documents to complete the purchase transaction. This deposit will hold your vehicle until 5 PM at the end of the following business day. Vehicles not paid for by 5 PM the following business day will be resold and you will forfeit your deposit.
B. To complete your purchase simply pay the remaining balance owed for the vehicle. A buyer’s fee of 15% will be added to every lot sold unless otherwise announced prior to the sale. A documentation Processing fee will be charged if a title is necessary for transfer or a $28 fee on all other lots. Additionally all applicable DMV/Registration fees will be charged as well as a smog fee and sales tax. Vehicles cannot be removed from the auction property until payment is received in full. An Administrative fee of $20 will be charged on all vehicles. There are no exceptions.
C. The following forms of payment are accepted: cash, cashiers check, certified checks, money orders and traveler’s checks.
11. Your receipt showing full payment along with a “gate pass” must be presented in order to remove your purchase from the Ken Porter facility.
12. Once the vehicle has been paid for all sales are final. Remember - you must remove your vehicle from KPA no later than 5 PM the following business day after the auction or a storage fee of $25 per day will apply.

No Tampering

Any person caught tampering with or removing equipment, parts, or keys from any vehicle will be subject to suspension from the auction and potential criminal prosecution. KPA will not be responsible for lost or stolen keys, radios, and / or accidents, damage or vandalism.

Odometer Policy

Ken Porter Auctions does not guarantee the accuracy of the odometer reading on any consigned vehicle.

Vehicle Information

Buyers are solely responsible for verifying year, make, model, equipment and serial numbers before leaving the auction premises. Upon removal of the vehicle from the KPA premises, buyer has waived any objection to title information discrepancies.


Vehicles purchased with a buyer’s card will be titled and registered to the name listed on the buyer’s card. A $25 fee will be charged for any name change made after a bid is accepted and a vehicle is purchased.

Buyer may elect to handle vehicle registration and transfer directly.

Outside Sales

All vehicle purchased must be paid for through the auction, even if bought directly from the seller, or if bought “off the auction block”. All vehicles are sold “AS IS”.